Camus On The Coronavirus

24 March, 2020

This clever and beautifully written short piece by Alain de Botton on Camus’ famous novella about a plague introduces, says our Moderator Frank di Giorgio, “a broader existential perspective to our collective situation” as we grapple with the realities and implications of the Covid19 outbreak.

Published in 1947, The Plague is frequently described as the greatest European novel of the postwar period. According to de Botton it reflects Camus’ belief that “Being alive always was and will always remain an emergency; it is truly an inescapable “underlying condition””, but knowing this “should lead us not to despair but to a tragicomic redemption, a softening of the heart, a turning away from judgment and moralizing to joy and gratitude.”

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via New York Times, 19 March 2020

Photo by Kuma Kum on Unsplash