Anchoring values, fostering your ethical DNA, and the pub test

10 June, 2020

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership CEO Vanessa Pigrum, talks to host Alex Proimos in this episode of Market Narratives, a podcast series that features unorthodox conversations with thought leaders influencing the world of fiduciary investors.

They explore leadership approaches and tools, and laying your foundational values to guide your decision-making, not just in times of Royal Commissions and crises.

“Finance is a fascinating area. Finance, superannuation, all these things where on one level, from purely an outsider’s point of view,…you could think well, it’s all about controlling or managing risk, it’s about numbers, it’s quite clean, but really… the impact the finance sector has on people’s decisions – about the emotional and psychological side of the economy, where is superannuation investing its funds, what are the ethics of investing in fossil fuels during a climate emergency, for example, what are the levers that the finance sector pulls and pushes – are enormously powerful and therefore, more than ever, the sector needs to be thinking about the deeper ethical impact of the decisions that are being made. It’s not just about the numbers. It affects people’s livelihoods, their health, their wellbeing, family certainty. It impacts on every part of our lives.”

Vanessa Pigrum, CEO, Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership

Listen to the full podcast episode here

Market Narratives podcast, 5 June 2020