alumni Executive Colloquium

The Golden Rule

7 May, 2020

Cranlana Centre exists to improve the quality of leadership nationally. We believe that working with senior leaders to hone their critical thinking skills and deeply interrogate their own ethical framework equips them to make positive change in their spheres of influence – professional and personal – and that in this way society is strengthened.

Paul O’Farrell, Managing Director, Quadrant Advisory is an alumnus of the Executive Colloquium, a six day intensive deep dive into the ethics of leadership. He reflects here on the longer term impacts of the program, and the guiding principle he took from it and applied to his work and parenting.

“I joined the board of a not-for-profit mental health provider three years ago, and quite possibly you could draw a line between the Colloquium and that action. There’s been that need to give back. Leadership is one of those things in a good society that if you have the means to contribute, you should.”

“For me there was an epiphany moment in the Colloquium when we were looking at readings drawn from the world’s major religions. I’m not a religious person, but it was the common thread of treating others as you would have them treat you. The absolute humanity of it struck me – the Golden Rule to live by. I use it in my work in the financial world dealing with customers in high-risk situations. It can sometimes be a very emotional area in which to work, and the Golden Rule now forms one of the key drivers in how I treat my clients. I also use it as a guiding principle for my children in how they treat each other and how they interact with the broader world.”