Alumni Program

Participating in our programs is just the start of a lifelong association with Cranlana.

We support you with regular alumni events, such as the Saturday Sessions, which are moderated three-hour masterclasses on contemporary ethical topics. These provide an opportunity to ‘top-up’ your Cranlana experience, refuel your sense of moral courage and reconnect to your critical reasoning capabilities.

Our events also give alumni a valuable opportunity to meet their peers – other extraordinary Australian leaders who bring a strong ethical focus to their work. There's more information on our Saturday Sessions on the Alumni Events page.

A quarterly newsletter brings together news from Cranlana and our alumni, and details exclusive alumni-only offerings.

Our private LinkedIn group offers alumni a place within which to share information, start conversations and find support from your peers. Our alumni are spread around the globe. This forum is where you can come together with your cohort, and alumni from other programs over the last 25 years.


COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. Each of us is struggling to make sense of the pandemic for our life and our work, and to understand its implications for the future of Australia and the world.  
While we can't bring you together physically right now, we invite you to join us for virtual discussions; a coming together to assist one another to find a moral anchor in these difficult and confusing times.  These conversations will still be a process of shared inquiry and peer learning, informed by the ethical insights emerging from thousands of years of philosophical thought, but in an online environment. Our online Saturday Session dates are now open for registration on the Alumni Events page.

Cranlana Confidential is another of the online opportunities we're creating for our alumni to continue to draw on each other’s experience.  This program is a series of 60 minute conversations, offering an opportunity for you to engage with a prominent alumnus from your own sector, or one you’re interested in.  

Our Lead Moderator, Peter Mares, will start the session with a one-on-one interview discussing the guest’s experience of trying to lead their organisation ethically and effectively, before segueing to a group conversation.

Capped at 20 participants, and conducted under the strictest confidentiality, this is your opportunity to talk frankly with leaders in your field, and engage in in-depth, meaningful discussion with your peers.

Exclusive to Cranlana alumni, these sessions are rare chances to share experiences with professional colleagues who can act as a sounding board, feeding into your thinking and actions on important issues.

Registrations and details of the Cranlana Confidential topics are now on the Alumni Events page

We also invite you to contact Cranlana directly if there's any way we can assist your teams to work through specific ethical challenges as this pandemic unfolds.