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Ex-Unilever boss seeks ‘heroic CEOs’ to tackle climate change and inequality

8 January, 2020

“We are about to commit the biggest intergenerational crime in the history of mankind.” 

Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever, is calling on “heroic chief executives willing to step up and move outside of the comfort zone and take personal risks” to address issues such as climate change and inequality which are contributing to the ever-widening political divides globally. Polman believes that having chief executives in the private sector driving change, in the vacuum created by politicians’ inaction, will actively help to ‘de-risk’ the political process.  “We are now at a point in society where the cost of not acting in these areas is higher than acting.” Businesses that do not embrace issues of diversity, sustainability and equal rights will also struggle to attract talented millennials who want to work for companies which stand for more than just profit.  CEOs need to demonstrate leadership in issues important to them, their stakeholders and communities. That takes courage, and strongly developed decision-making frameworks which allow leaders to successfully navigate ethically complex issues.

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The Guardian, 21 July 2019