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The Problem with Saying “Don’t Bring Me Problems, Bring Me Solutions”

16 December, 2019

Creating an ethical culture has “got to be about a work environment where everyone can practise their ethics or can feel psychologically safe so they can raise questions and challenge (others)” says CEO Vanessa Pigrum. Not every problem has an easy solution and “tackling the complexity of most significant business issues can take a pool of talented people with diverse points of view. What’s more, according to Wharton professor Adam Grant, “solution-only thinking creates “a culture of advocacy instead of one of inquiry,” where each person comes into the situation locked into their way of solving the problem and lobbies hard for that particular solution rather than considering multiple perspectives.”  So if you’re no longer saying “bring me a solution”, what are you asking your team? Read the full article by Sabina Nawaz here.

Harvard Business Review, 1 September 2017