alumni executive Colloquium

What’s The Brave Thing To Do?

30 April, 2020

I was talking to my partner Kay and I asked her if she noticed anything different after I’d done the course and she said, well actually yes. I think my decision-making now is a lot more thoughtful, particularly about who’s the child in the locked room in the Ursula Le Guinn story? Is there a population group or is there somebody that this policy or this decision is trading on to get this outcome? I suppose I did it in a quick flick way before but I do it in a much more thoughtful way now. I stop and think: how can we do this differently? What’s the brave thing to do?

There’s a major project we’re doing that was funded in the last budget round that’s the morally right group to give the money to but will also have a whole lot of risks. There were easier groups we could have gone to which have track records, but they’re not the marginalised group themselves. I’ve spent a lot of time putting the case to the minister of giving the money and capacity framework to the most marginalised group so we can help support it and scale up to a state-wide initiative. It has its risks but it’s the right thing to do morally and will change that sector from the grass roots up. Prior to Cranlana I may have been more nervous but Cranlana called us into that space where you understand that making the right decision calls for bravery.

Ro Allen, Commissioner for Gender & Sexuality, Victorian Government and Executive Colloquium alumna